Pedro Ximenez x Six Pack

Value $360.00

Wine Offer $288.00 Save $72.00 + Bonus Offer - Free Freight!

Pedro Ximenez, the ultimate sweet wine indulgence.

Hand picked and barrel aged from the original vintage over 30 years ago. The Dandelion Vineyards Pedro Ximenez is a luscious, rich textured, sweet wine and has no boundaries when it comes to food matches. 

Translucent, deep amber in colour with a nose of sweet English toffee's, candied citrus fruits, figs and pecan nuts to mention a few. Accompanied by a selection of cheese, dark chocolate truffles and Grandma's traditional Trifle dessert.

Your six pack offer of Pedro Ximenex is one not to be missed and will surely please even the fussiest of your friends this festive season.


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