2008 Eden Valley Wines Cellar Release Riesling

Eden Valley Wines Saviours Cellar Release Riesling - Wine Room Exclusive

Eden Valley is home to the oldest Riesling vines in the world and just like the long life of the vines so is the wine. Cellaring any Eden Valley Riesling is a joy in itself.

The 'Saviours' Riesling is more than a collection of Riesling grapes from the best vineyards in Eden Valley, it is a story about dedication, history and passion for our sense of place in the wine world. Eden Valley Wines is owned by a group of good friends who fought hard and long to acquire the brand name to trademark a piece of the Eden Valley history for generations to come. This wine will remain true to the region and always sourced from the best Riesling grapes on offer. To save a brand name from ownership being sold to the big boys is the story of Eden Valley Saviours Riesling.

Vineyard: The fruit comes from a members super-premium parcels only. Those vineyards are scattered throughout the whole region, with each of them contributing in a different way to the wine e.g. Body, flavours and acidity. Due to the vintage variation it is necessary to have a blend of vineyards to achieve the desired complexity.

Season: Eden Valley Wines was born when a group of some of the best viticulturists and winemakers from Eden Valley came together to make two wines that truly represent what the region stands for. They called themselves the “12 Saviours”.

In exceptional vintages they select the best parcels of fruit from the members vineyards to make their iconic Riesling and blend from the best barrels of Shiraz together to make the “Saviours Shiraz”.

Wine making: The 12 Saviours is a group of industry leaders, including Bob Berton (Berton Vineyards), John Dawkins (vigneron), David Hall (Eden Hall Wines), Stephen Henschke (Henschke), James Irvine (Irvine Wines), Trevor March (Heathvale Vineyards), Joanne Irvine (Irvine Wines), Peter Seppelt (Grand Cru Wines), Richard Sheedy (Glen Eldon Wines), Brian Waples (vigneron), Richard Wiencke (Eden Springs Wines), Ian Zander (vigneron).

Stephen Henschke together with James and Joanne Irvine are in charge of making the wines. The aim with Riesling is to show intense fruit with fine acidity and to finish long and crisp, paying special attention to the aging potential.

Appearance: Rich straw yellow with a touch of a green hue.

Aroma/Bouquet: Oily characters dominate the nose with citrus blossoms bursting from the glass perhaps from some age ,but the structure is still tight and vibrant.

Palate: Intense lemon-lime flavours with underlying minerality and crisp acidity.

Food Pairing: Perfectly matched aged and hard cheese.

Alcohol: 12%

pH: NA

Acidity: NA

Residual Sugar: NA

Production: 200 dozen (750ml)

Cellar potential: 5+ years

Wine maker: Joanne Irvine, Stephen Henschke

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